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February 16, 2012

Water Line Breaks Top Agenda at Downing City Board February Meeting

The board of the City of Downing convened at 6:00 p.m. on February 6th, 2012 with mayor Alan Garrett presiding. Aldermen present were Bettie Phillips, Rodney Newland, Royce Bowens, and Allen Middleton. Others present were Carolyn Anderson, Tommy Anderson, Eric Bowens, Melody Whitacre, and Dezarae Kelsey.

Copies of the agenda, minutes of previous meeting, water/wastewater report, deposits & disbursements, account balances, financial statements, and actual vs. budget reports were given to the board members.

A motion to approve the agenda was made by Rodney Newland, seconded by Royce Bowens, and carried unanimously.

A motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting was made by Royce Bowens, seconded by Rodney Newland, and carried unanimously.

A motion to approve the payment of bills was made by Rodney Newland, seconded by Royce Bowens, and carried unanimously.

Melody Whitacre, from Northeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission, was present to discuss with the board all the details of applying for a CDBG (Community Development Block Grant). The board is looking in to getting a CDBG for the purpose of getting the old, dilapidated buildings in the City (business buildings and residences) demolished. If anyone is interested in signing up to get their property demolished, property owners can ask for information and sign up at City Hall during business hours.

Carolyn Anderson and Eric Bowens informed the board that on January 23rd, the city had a 3" water line and a 2" water line pull apart in the area of Highway A, which caused a big leak and emptied the water tower, causing the rest of the town to lose water pressure. A 48-hour boil order was released and ended Wednesday, January 25th.

There was also a leak repaired by the Baptist Church on January 30th. A 48-hour boil order was only required for the area, and notices were placed on doors to notify all affected. The tower also overflowed twice due to malfunctions in the phone line that tells the tower when it is full. AT&T had some men come this month to repair the line.

Eric Bowens is also officially certified through DNR for water distribution. Eric also informed the board that the generator we got last month is running. The generator still needs a few more parts and the City needs to contact someone to help them make sure they install it correctly.

Eric Bowens reported to the board that he had been spreading gravel and dirt to help repair the holes in the roads.

Marshal was not present, thus nothing to report.

Dezarae Kelsey informed the board that the Water Meter Deposit CD was up for renewal. A motion to let it roll over as is was made by Allen Middleton, seconded by Royce Bowens, and carried unanimously.

Rodney Newland suggested to the board that instead of getting a drop box for the outside, they consider getting a security camera so they can let customers use the drop box that is currently in the lobby and leave the lobby open later in the evening.

A motion to adjourn was made by Allen Middleton, seconded by Royce Bowens, and carried unanimously.

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