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October 25, 2012

Volunteer Efforts Insure Grass is Greener on Both Sides of Fence at Golf Course

Despite losing long-time greens keeper Stan Prather this summer to a new job opportunity, Timber Ridge Golf Course has endured a difficult summer weather wise and continues to entice players out for a round of golf with the lure of green, green and more green.

A number of volunteers have stepped up to fill the vacancy at the course helping to mow and perform other necessary maintenance to keep the golf course open for service.

Course members Bob Newman, Kris Lister and Randy Trueblood have taken on the lion's share of the work, according to Timber Ridge board member Dave Shalley. The trio has been responsible for mowing the fairways and the greens. The tee boxes have all been reseeded and the volunteers have core-plugged and aerated the greens. Repairs have also been made to the course's water system, fixing sprinkler heads and leaking water lines.

Trueblood, who served as the course's first grounds keeper after the not-for-profit country club installed grass greens, has been a key asset to the efforts according to Shalley. The volunteers have leaned on his knowledge of equipment maintenance and chemical treatments to keep the course looking top notch.

Fellow board members have also been quick to acknowledge Shalley's efforts along with his brother Doug. Both golfers have aided the efforts to keep the course up and running while efforts continue to find a permanent replacement for Prather. Mike Johnson and Pepsi-Cola of Memphis also have lent their support to the course in its time of need.

While the efforts have ensured the grass has been green at the course, they have also benefited from the facility's financial "green". Board members estimated the country club has saved approximately $6,000 in salary thanks to the unpaid efforts of all of the volunteers.

Those savings will be beneficial heading into 2013 as plans are made for needed equipment upgrades and chemical purchases.

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