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February 14, 2013

The Eyes Have It

by Terry Rush

Life goes where the eyes go. They are our load-levelers.

Regardless of high winds of life's infractions, our walk finds the balance to keep from tipping over only when we fix our eyes on Jesus.

Close your eyes while standing on one foot. Do you find it difficult to keep your balance? As you are beginning to wobble, with your eyes still closed to the point you are about to tip over, open your eyes. Immediate balance returns.

So it is with wobbly versus balanced life. Eyes closed to Jesus? The former. Open to Jesus? Balance; not rocked, not worried, not falling apart.

Hebrews 12:1-3 centers our lives by fixing our eyes on Jesus. It is no accident that this context regards endurance. When looking at Jesus, regardless of circumstantial distraction, we will not give up; endurance means to finish the race.

Let's cut through all of the worry, fret, counsel, and grasping for hope. In all that we do or think, may we train our eyes to stay upon the Great Rescuer. He alone never fails. The eyes are the GPS to stability. Of all the parts of our complex body, the eyes have it.

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