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February 21, 2013

February Focus at SCH is On Healthy Hearts

Laura Schultz and Jan Wagner, two members of the cardiac rehabilitation team at Scotland County Hospital, demonstrate some of the facility's equipment.

Valentine's Day falls in February so it is only fitting that the medical industry focuses on heart health by recognizing February as Cardiac Rehabilitation Month.

National Cardiac Rehabilitation Month focuses attention on cardiac rehabilitation's contribution to improving the health and physical performance of people at risk for heart disease as well as those who have been diagnosed with heart disease or experienced a cardiac event.

This process is now much easier at Scotland County Hospital, which features a Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Center that has unveiled several new improvements made during the hospital renovations, including a newly designated area for cardiac stress testing.

"As one of only a few Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Centers in the Tri-State area, our goal is to help you change those risk factors in your life that may make you more likely to have heart problems," said Krissy Siegfried, RN, Cardiac Rehabilitation Center Supervisor.

"If you have been referred to Early Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation, you have most likely experienced a cardiac event that has caused a great deal of stress for you and your loved ones," stated Siegfried. "Depression and anxiety are common feelings as you deal with the changes in your body image & life-style. Cardiac rehabilitation is an excellent resource to enhance your knowledge and improve your strength so that you can rebuild your confidence."

The SCH Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is designed to support the healing process, both physically and emotionally, and to assist patients and family members in understanding and managing heart conditions.

The program consists of initial evaluation by the rehabilitation team. This process allows for the development of an individualized lifestyle plan to improve quality of life and reduce the chances of another cardiac event for the patient. Part of the plan involves supervised exercise sessions to evaluate heart condition, speed recovery, and improve endurance.

A key component of the center is patient education. Topics include Heart Function, Risk Factors for Heart Disease,Exercise Techniques, Smoking Cessation,Heart Healthy Diets,and Stress Management.

The program strives to prescribe exercise to improve cardiovascular fitness without exceeding safe limits. Additional goals include proper education about heart disease along with counseling on ways to stabilize or reverse heart disease by improving risk factors; reduction and ultimately cessation of smoking; lipid management; controlling high blood pressure; weight loss and weight control; manage Diabetic conditions; increasing physical activity; encouraging healthy eating habits and improving psychological well being.

"You are certainly welcome to stop by and visit with me and the nursing staff of Kelley Ketchum, RN, and Bernice Kenney, RN of our Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Center and take a tour," said Seigfried. "You'll learn the latest news about our Rehab Center at Scotland County Hospital and see the many different features awaiting anyone who requires heart care rehabilitation. Call us today at 660-465-8511."

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