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April 25, 2013

Scotland County Hospital Recognizes National Medical Laboratory Week

by Bud Wilson

Members of the Scotland County Hospital Laboratory team are: Tim Grant, MBA, MT (AMT/HHS) Laboratory Manager; Kathy Miller, M.T. (A.S.C.P.) Medical Technologist; Jeanette Fogle, MLT (AMT) Laboratory Technician; Richard Jackson, M.T. (A.M.T.) Medical Technologist; Randy Watkins, Phlebotomist; Charlotte Stelter, MLT (ASCP) Laboratory Technician; Julie Helenthal, M.L.T.; and Jessica Scheers, M.L.T.

'The next time you are at Scotland County Hospital (SCH) and require laboratory services you will come into contact with a team of truly dedicated and very real people - the health care team that consists of the clinical laboratory professionals.

The SCH Laboratory Center has just completed new construction because we were thinking about you, and the different ways the SCH Lab could be totally designed and dedicated to your healing and wellness.

Our team is captivated and driven about maintaining the very latest skills to unlock important medical information critical to the diagnosis, treatment, and early prevention of medical diseases that could be in your life.

Since medical laboratory professionals often work "behind-the-scenes," few people know very much about critically important testing that our laboratorians perform every day.

Scotland County Hospital Laboratory Professionals work with dedication toward prevention of diseases by detecting unknown health problems, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of existing conditions, and by giving accurate, timely test results.

The very latest construction and updates made in the laboratory at Scotland County Hospital reflect a technical center of computerized equipment, and a team of your friends who are Lab professionals at SCH. This team completes over 100 different types of analyses totaling over a quarter of a million tests every year right here in Memphis.

SCH Lab uses state-of-the-art instruments such as the CI4100 Chemistry ImmunoAnalyzer, test results can be expected within turn-around time of 15-30 minutes.

SCH Laboratory Services include: Chemistry Comprehensive Test Menus and controls for, Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis, Microbiology, Special Chemistry, Arterial Blood Gas Analysis plus several others.

The laboratory is used by local physicians, as well as, those in the tri-state area, and across the Midwest performing tests for local patients and sending electronically the results to any location, and for any physician.

"We love to save people the arduous task of having to spend extra time traveling. It is so neat to be able to come out to SCH, have testing done here locally and then turn around and send results where ever need be. Less stress, and much less travel time & less money spent on fuel, is always a good thing," stated Tim Grant, SCH Laboratory Manager.

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