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May 23, 2013

SCR-I Hosts 2013 Academic Awards Night

Larry Riney was presented the Distinguished Service Award at the 2013 Scotland County R-I Awards Night held May 13th. Presenting the award was counselor Brent Bondurant.

Scotland County R-I High School hosted the 2013 academic awards night on Monday, May 13th.

A Distinguished Service Award was presented to Mr. Larry Riney for his years of volunteer service to the district.

Carol McCabe presented awards for the Business Program. District Honors went to Katie Howard, Cameron Harrison, Chris Smeltser and Megan Kice. District Participation awards were presented to Sophia Hoskinson, Kassie Bulen, Caleb Doubet, Lorrin McBee, Shaye Wright, Bethany Rader, Sturgis Knupp, Jordyn Doubet, Chelsie Holton, Desera Knupp, Zach Miller, Austin Howes and Jacob Hull.

McCabe, Billie Lanham and Marc Colvin recognized Campus Bowl participants Morgan Carleton, Emily Ebeling, Chris Smelster, Leah Terrill, Renay Friendshuh, Rachel Duzan, Josh Adams, Caleb Doubet and Morgan Alexander.

The Visual Arts Awards were presented by Dana Frederick. ART I students honored included Madison Priebe, Hannah Dunn, Martha Parish, Megan Kice, Ali Seppelt, Jamasia Simpson, Aaron Mallett, David Hudson, Kara Childress, Hannah Dunn, and Madison Priebe.

In ART II, awards went to Delaney Gundy, Rachel Duzan, Justin Girardin, and Jake Miller.

Studio Art by Shelby Eggleston, Wyatt Kice, Tahnee Forquer, Kaitlin VanHoozen, Anna Hirner, Logan Remley, Matt Robbins, Jordyn Doubet, and James McKee also earned awards.

The Language Arts presentations were made by Tina Olakowski and Ivonne Weigand.

English I students receiving honors included Becca Seiver, Shai'lyn Brush, Caleb Doubet, Megan Kice, Sophia Hoskinson, and Joshua Adams.

The English II honorees were Claire Shannan, Joesph Hite, Renay Friendshuh, Racheal Duzan, and Landyn Swearingen.

Anna Monroe, Tasha Eggleston-Wood and Chayton Cerroni were honored in Spanish I with Spanish II students Sammi Tobler and Claire Shannan being recognized.

Vocal & Instrumental Music Awards were handed out by Michael Fulk

The John Philip Sousa Award was won by Anna Hirner with Delaney Gundy taking home the Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award. The Director's Award went Emily Ebeling. Anna Hirner and Jennifer Miller were recognized for serving as drum majors.

District Contest Awards- (I Rating) were announced for Delaney Gundy, Rachel Duzan, Emily Ebeling, and Leah Terrill. II Ratings were earned by Alexis Dodge, Emily Ebeling, Venessa Glover, and Paige McClamroch as well as the Clarinet Trio of Anna Hirner, Emily Ebeling, and. Alexis Dodge.

Rachel Duzan earned a I Rating at the state contest. Delaney Gundy and Leah Terrill earned II ratings.

Terri Slaughter made the Science Department presentations. Chemistry I students honored included Chris Smeltzer, Emily Ebeling, Randi Slaughter, & Joesph Hite. Slaughter gave Chemistry II awards to Ryan Branch and Morgan Carleton. Carleton was also honored in Zoology/Botany. Physics awards went to Emily Ebeling and Jennifer Miller while the Anatomy & Physiology class awards were earned by Chris Smeltzer and Bethany Rader.

The Social Science Department Awards were handled by Gary Hunziker. Honorees included Kyle Johnston, Caleb Doubet, Sturgis Knupp, Samantha Talbert, Jamasia Simpson, Zach Doubet, and Josh Adams.

Presidential Physical Fitness Winners Karissa Adams and Shai'lyn Brush were recognized along with National Physical Fitness winners Kassie Bulen, Miranda Holland, Sophia Hoskinson, Hannah Dunn, Jamaisa Simson, and Keenan Bradley.

The American Red Cross recognized students Sammi Tobler, Matt Robbins, Zach Miller Jordyn Doubet, Kaitlyn VanHoozen, and Lucus Remley for their contributions.

The Freshman Citizenship winners were Miranda Holland and Zach Doubet.

Renay Friendshuh was recognized for participating in the Missouri Scholars Academy.

Two students participating in regional leadership events were also recognized. Emily Ebeling is a nominee for the NEMO Rural Telephone event and Shaye Wright will attend the Tri-County Electric Washington, D.C. Youth Tour.

H.O.B.Y. Leadership Awards were presented to Renay Friendshuh and Leah Terrill.

Danforth "I Dare You" Awards went to Randi Slaughter and Joseph Hite.

Emely Ebeling was honored for attending the Missouri Girls State sponsored by American Legion Verne Stone Post #219.

Missouri Highway Patrol Academy honors were presented to Jessica Morrow.

Scotland County R-I Student Council sponsor Jenna Ketchum recognized council officers, President- Lorrin McBee, Junior representatives Bethany Rader and Chris Jackson, Vice President Jennifer Miller, Sophomore representatives Rachel Duzan and Renay Friendshuh, Secretary- Emily Ebeling, Freshmen representatives Morgan Alexander and Kassie Bulen, Treasurer Chris Smelster, and senior representatives Anna Hirner and Victoria Whitaker.

Renay Friendshuh, Sturgis Knupp, Lorrin McBee, Lane Pence, and Lindsay Alexander received perfect attendance awards.

The 2013 seniors dominated the remainder of the awards night.

A+ CERTIFICATES were given to Abbey Duley, Ali Seppelt, Amber Kaldenberg, Anna Hirner, Austin Smith, Brandon Monroe, Delaney Gundy, Elani Anderson, Hailie Stone, James McKee, Jennifer Miller, Jessica Clark, Jessica Morrow, Jordyn Doubet, Kaci Westhoff, Katie Howard, Klayton Dabney, Lorrin McBee, Matt Robbins, Megan Creek, Montee Sally, Paige McClamroch, Ryan Branch, Samantha Tobler, Tahnee Forquer, Tyler Small, Victoria Whitaker and Wyatt Kice.

Morgan Carleton was honored as a member of Missouri Scholars 100.

Megan Creek was named the US Army Scholar Athlete. Logan Remley was recognized as a US Army enlistee.

The D.A.R. Citizenship Award was presented to Lorrin McBee.

Tri-Rivers Conf. Academic Awards (GPA, 22+ ACT Composite Score, + Activities) went to Morgan Carleton and Tyler Small.

The Presidents Education Awards "Gold" standard (80th percentile ACT score and 3.5 GPA) was attained by Morgan Carleton, Ryan Branch, Jennifer Miller, Jordyn Doubet, Tyler Small, Wyatt Kice, and Victoria Whitaker. "Silver" Award Winners (80th percentile ACT OR 3.5 GPA) were Lorrin McBee, Sammi Tobler, Ali Seppelt, Delaney Gundy, Anna Hirner, Paige McClamroch, Katie Howard, and Megan Creek.

George Washington Carver Awards (Top 10% GPA Of Senior Class) went to Morgan Carleton, Jennifer Miller, Victoria Whitaker, and Lorrin McBee.

The Scotland County Fire Department recognized Lorrin McBee and Ryan Branch with citizenship awards. The duo also received the teachers' Senior Citizenship award earning a $25 Savings Bonds from the CTA.

The Senior Leadership awards went to Jennifer Miller and Tyler Small while Anna Hirner and Zach Miller earned the Senior Activities awards.

Scholarship Awards were announced for the following recipients:

4-H Council Scholarship ($150) - Paige McClamroch

American Red Cross Scholarship - Sammi Tobler

Andy Clapp Memorial Scholarship ($500) -Morgan Carleton

Betty Jo Shibley-Banister Memorial Scholarship - Delaney Gundy

Community Bank Of Memphis Scholarship -Brandon Monroe

Denny Clatt Memorial Scholarship - Megan Creek

Epsilon Iota of Beta Sigma Phi ($300 each) - Brandon Monroe, Lorrin McBee, Victoria Whitaker, Anna Hirner

Farm Bureau Scholarship ($250) - Lorrin McBee and Paige McClamroch

Gorin High School Alumni Scholarship - Megan Creek

Jason Rockhold Memorial Scholarship - Megan Creek

J.P. & Mary Childers Environmental Scholarship - Megan Creek

Kathy Riebel Harrity Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) - Brandon Monroe

Ken Cross Memorial Scholarship - ($1,000 and $500) - Katie Howard & Jessica Morrow

Leo & Arlean Paul Memorial Scholarship - Kaci Westhoff

MFA Foundation Scholarship ($2,000) - Katie Howard

Memphis Funeral Home Scholarship ($500) - Lorrin McBee

Michael Wagner Memorial Scholarship - Abbey Duley

Patricia Hudnall Memorial Scholarship - Lorrin McBee

P.E.O. Scholarship ($300 each) Delaney Gundy and Sammi Tobler

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Scholarships ($250) Elaine Anderson and James McKee

Scotland County Memorial Hospital Scholarship ($500) - Lorrin McBee

Scott Childress Memorial Scholarship ($500) - Tyler Small

Scotland County Antique Fair Scholarships ($250) -Jessica Clark and Brandon Monroe

Scotland Rotary Scholarships - ($500) - Lorrin McBee, Morgan Carleton, Abbey Duley and Victoria Whitaker

S.C.A.M.P. Scholarship- ($250) Tyler Small & Delaney Gundy

Scotland County Soil & Water Scholarships - Paige McClamroch and Megan Creek

Scotland County Teachers Scholarship Fund Scholarship ($250 each) - Delaney Gundy, Jennifer Miller, Paige McClamroch, Hailey Stone

Ted Riney Memorial Scholarship - Tyler Small

Travis Bissell Memorial Scholarships - Jordyn Doubet, Abbey Duley, Katie Howard, Jennifer Miller, Zach Miller and Sammi Tobler

Tom Coffrin Memorial Scholarship ($200 each) - Wyatt Kice and Paige McClamroch

Tucker-Bourn Memorial Scholarship - Ali Seppelt

US BANK Scholarship ($250) - Jessica Clark & Brandon Monroe

VFW Women's Auxiliary ($125 each) - Delaney Gundy and Jessica Clark

Wymon Lemmon Memorial Scholarship for books, supplies, lab fees - Brandon Monroe

Xi Theta Tau of Beta Sigma Phi ($375 each) - Cameron Harrison, Delaney Gundy, Victoria Whitaker and Jennifer Miller

Culver-Stockton College Scholarships - Wyatt Kice- Pillars Scholarship, President's Scholarship & Art Scholarship; Delaney Gundy- President's Scholarship & Fine Arts Scholarship; Megan Creek- President's Scholarship & Softball Scholarship

Morgan Carleton was offered Missouri University of Science & Technology, $2,000 Bright Flight Sch./$3,500 Curators Sch./$1,000 Excellence Sch./$2,000 Miner Alumni

Hailie Stone- Northwest Missouri State Univ.- Freshman Merit Award $500

Ryan Branch- Truman State University- A+ Recognition $500, Combined Ability Sch. $3,000, President's Honorary Sch. $2,000

Cameron Harrison - Indian Hills Comm. College- Computer Networking/Security Club Sch. $2,000

Lorrin McBee - National Propane Gas Foundation Scholarship $2,000, Truman State University- A+ Recognition $500/ Charles & Venita Green Sch. $3,500; University of Central Missouri- Red & Black Sch. $2,000

Tyler Small - Truman State University- A+ Recognition $500

Victoria Whitaker - Truman State University- A+ Recognition $500, Combined Ability Sch. $2.500, President's Honorary Sch. $1,000

Jennifer Miller - Stephens College $12,000 Trustee Scholarship

Martha Parish - Central Christian College of The Bible- Full Tuition Scholarship

Brandon Monroe - Missouri Funeral Directors & Embalmers Association Scholarship $500

Zach Miller - William Penn College-Athletic Award

Monte Sally & Michael Yarbrough - Graceland University- Athletic Award

Academic Honor Roll went to seniors (A HONOR ROLL) Morgan Carleton, Jennifer Miller, Victoria Whitaker, Lorrin McBee, Jordyn Doubet, Sammi Tobler, Ali Seppelt, and Tyler Small (B HONOR ROLL) - Delaney Gundy, Ryan Branch, Wyatt Kice, Anna Hirner, Paige McClamroch, Katie Howard, Megan Creek, Montee Sally, Abbey Duley, Kaci Westhoff, Matt Robbins, Amber Kaldenberg, Terence Durham, Jessica Morrow, Dakota McClamroch, Tahnee Forquer, Jessica Clark, Martha Parish, Hailie Stone, James McKee, Kaitlin VanHoozen, Michael Yarbrough, Evan Hager, Becky Rauch, Devon Wittenberg, April Robbins, Bo Yearns, and Cameron Harrison;

Juniors honored were (A Honor Roll) Bethany Rader, Emily Ebeling, Shaye Wright, Rebekah Kapfer, Hailey Dial, Chris Smeltser and Ryan Slayton (B Honor Roll) Desera Knupp, Betsy Johnson, Derick Cline, Taylor Enlow, Austin Thrasher, Kara Childress, Sarah Sites, Jake Miller, Brice Cowell, Jordan Dunn, Brandon Wood, Dyllyn Simerl, Ashley Curry, Shelby Eggleston, Randan Kraus, Dillion Hager, Steven Spurlock, Chris Jackson, Taylor Cooper, Brandi Johnston, and Cordie Kigar;

Sophomores honored were (A Honor Roll) Rachel Duzan, Renay Friendshuh, Leah Terrill, Taylor Eggleston-Wood, Alexis Dodge, Claire Shannan, Natalie Miller, Kylee Johnston and Randi Slaughter (B Honor Roll) Tasha Eggleston-Wood, Mazy Gray, Brieanna Priebe, Joseph Hite, Rowan Johnson, Olivia Harris, Courtney Brassfield, Mason Van Hoozen, Natasha Siver, Cody Berry, Landyn Swearingen, Will McRobert, Chelsea Burkhiser, Kody Parkins, Mitch Kraus, Bailey Johnston, Shane Gunnell, Trevor Westhoff, Keysha Orton, Jacob Hull, Jacob Blessing, Chelsi Holton, Cameron Manchester and Venessa Glover.

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