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March 28, 2013

Football Tigers to Unveil New Uniforms, Helmets in 2013

Lucas Howard, Will McRobert and Chris Jackson model the new look uniforms they will be wearing in 2013 for the Scotland County R-I football program. The Tigers not only will be wearing the new duds, but will also be protected by new Riddell 360 helmets courtesy of the Scotland County Pharmacy.

With a renewed interest in the program and a reinvigorated dedication to improve, the Scotland County R-I football program is moving forward. The 2013 Tigers will demonstrate this progress with a brand new look, as the program recently unveiled new uniforms.

Not only will the SCR-I players be sporting brand new uniforms when they take the field for the first time this fall, but the team will also be protected by new helmets.

After having two players sustain concussions in football games last year, Scotland County will be turning to the latest technology courtesy of a donation by the Scotland County Pharmacy. Owner Matt McKee advanced the proposal to purchase more than 30 Riddell 360 helmets for the Tigers football program.

With a price tag surpassing $375 per helmet, the move marked a significant investment in the football program, with a focus on improving player safety.

The next evolution of football helmet technology was unveiled in October of last year. The Riddell 360 highlights the newest protection and performance benefits, allowing athletes at all levels to elevate their game. The helmet offers enhanced comfort features and increased protection benefits when it matters most - on game day.

Many of the country's top high schools, colleges and NFL players have selected the Riddell 360 to meet their head protection needs. Programs like Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas State, Oregon, Florida, Florida State, Miami (FL) and Oklahoma are donning the new helmet.

"Riddell is leading the way to develop the most advanced equipment technologies that help elevate player performance at all levels," said Dan Arment, president of Riddell. "The Riddell 360 combines decades of fine-tuned helmet innovation with the newest developments in protection and comfort designed to meet the demanding needs of today's athletes."

Von Miller, Denver Broncos outside linebacker and 2011 Defensive Player of the Year has also opted for the Riddell 360 this season. He stresses the importance of preparation, including helmet selection: "Picking the right helmet, for me, is about looking good and feeling protected," Miller said. "When you're comfortable, you play well. And you have to be properly protected in order to play well on a consistent basis."

The Riddell 360 uses strategically placed hinge clips and a flexing facemask to reduce forces from frontal impacts and redirect energy away from the head. An enhanced occipital lock cradles the head for the ultimate in comfort, fit and stability. At a time when the rules of the game are evolving and helmet retention is vital to remaining in the game, this feature helps a properly fit helmet stay on the athlete's head.

The helmet's aggressive new design includes extreme detailing and oversized vent holes to allow for more air circulation around the player's head. The hexagonal liner system includes a removable, moisture resistant overliner, keeping players comfortable and ready to play down after down. The new innovations found in the Riddell 360 helped earn it the highest possible 5-STAR Helmet Rating from the engineers at Virginia Tech.

The team's new uniforms were purchased through the district's standard replacement rotation that staggers new uniform purchases for different sports every five to seven years.

Coach Daniel Burns is planning on filling out as many of the 40 new uniforms as possible in 2013. After finishing last year with just 23 players, the program is looking to rebound this fall, in Burns's second season at the helm. He reported 32 players attended the latest spring meeting, and added he has received commitments from 35 players who plan on suiting up this August when two-a-day practices begin.

The involvement however began as soon as the 2012 season closed out. The program's weightlifting regimen has added several football players to the 700 club, which combines max lifts for the squat, bench and deadlift to surpass 700 lbs. Names are popping up on the boards as players advance to the 800, 900, and 1,000 club. William McRobert currently sits alone in the 1,100 club, but the Tigers are pushing to add more names to the list.

"The kids definitely are buying in to the weights program," said principal Ryan Bergeson. "I can see the results just walking down the hallways each day."

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