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July 4, 2013

Memphis Swim Team Has Strong Showing in First Meet of Summer

The Memphis Swim Team met at the Quincy YMCA for a meet versus Quincy YMCA and Quincy Country Club on June 20. Memphis swimmers' results are listed below:
Mixed 9-10 Freestyle relay, 3rd - Dante Bushman, Alaynna Whitaker, Haylee McMinn, Zane See
Girls 11-12 Freestyle relay, 1st - Jena Frederick, Claire Hite, Kaitlyn McMinn, Alyssa Clair
Mixed 11-12 Freestyle relay, 1st--Roman Harris-MacDonald, Erica Yarbrough, Ashtyn Simerl, Eric Yarbrough
Mixed 13-14 Freestyle relay, 2nd--Evan Hite, Lydia Hunt, Ariel Quenneville, Avery Whitaker
Mixed 15-18 Freestyle relay, 1st--Genny Quenneville, Mark Barrett, Anna Hirner, Joseph Hite
Girls 7-8 Backstroke:1st--Carlee Smith, 2nd--Wednesday Bushman
Boys 7-8 Backstroke: 2nd--Aiden Frederick
Girls 9-10 Backstroke: 2nd--Bethany Barrett, 4th--Clara Davis, 5th--Hannah Feeney, 7th--Haylee McMinn, 8th--Alaynna Whitaker
Boys 9-10 Backstroke: 2nd--Zane See, 3rd--Dante Bushman
Girls 11-12 Backstroke: 2nd--Katie Feeney, 3rd--Rachel Barrett, 4th--Jena Frederick, 5th--Kaitlyn McMinn, 6th--Claire Hite, 7th--Briana VanDeVeire, 8th--Alyssa Clair, 9th--Erica Yarbrough, 11th-Ashtyn Simerl
Boys 11-12 Backstroke: 1st--Anthony Whitaker, 2nd--Eric Yarbrough, 3rd--Roman Harris-MacDonald
Girls 13-14 Backstroke: 1st--Sadie Davis, 2nd--Ariel Quenneville
Boys 13-14 Backstroke: 1st--Ian See, 3rd--Evan Hite
Girls 15-18 Backstroke: 2nd--Anna Hirner, 3rd--Genny Quenneville
Boys 15-18 Backstroke: 1st--Joseph Hite, 2nd--Mark Barrett
Girls 8 & under 50 Free: 2nd--Carlee Smith
Boys 8 & under 50 Free: 1st--Aiden Frederick
Girls 9-10 50 Free: 2nd--Bethany Barrett, 3rd--Clara Davis, 5th--Hannah Feeney, 8th--Alaynna Whitaker
Boys 9-10 50 Free: 3rd--Zane See
Girls 11-12 100 Free: 1st--Katie Feeney, 2nd--Jena Frederick, 3rd-Alyssa Clair, 6th-Erica Yarbrough, 7th-Briana VanDeVeire
Boys 11-12 100 Free: 2nd--Eric Yarbrough
Girls 13-14 100 Free: 1st--Lydia Hunt, 2nd--Sadie Davis
Boys 13-14 100 Free: 1st--Ian See, 3rd-Evan Hite
Boys 15-18 100 Free: 1st-Joseph Hite, 2nd-Mark Barrett
Girls 7-8 Breaststroke: 2nd-Carlee Smith
Girls 9-10 Breaststroke: 1st-Hannah Feeney, 3rd-Bethany Barrett, 7th-Haylee McMinn
Boys 9-10 Breaststroke: 4th-Dante Bushman
Girls 11-12 Breaststroke: 2nd-Rachel Barrett, 3rd-Katie Feeney, 4th-Kaitlyn McMinn, 5th-Claire Hite, 6th-Alyssa Clair
Boys 11-12 Breaststroke: 2nd-Anthony Whitaker, 3rd-Roman Harris-MacDonald
Girls 13-14 Breaststroke: 1st-Lydia Hunt, 2nd-Avery Whitaker, 3rd-Ariel Quenneville
Boys 13-14 Breaststroke: 1st-Ian See, 3rd-Evan Hite
Girls 15-18 Breaststroke: 1st-Anna Hirner, 2nd-Genny Quenneville
Boys 15-18 Breaststroke: 1st-Mark Barrett
Girls 9-10 Butterfly: 1st-Clara Davis, 5th-Haylee McMinn
Girls 13-14 Butterfly: 1st-Ariel Quenneville
Girls 15-18 Butterfly: 2nd-Anna Hirner, 3rd-Genny Quenneville
Girls 7-8 25 Free: 2nd-Carlee Smith, 3rd-Wednesday Bushman
Boys 7-8 25 Free: 1st-Aiden Frederick
Girls 9-10 25 Free: 1st-Bethany Barrett, 3rd-Clara Davis, 4th-Hannah Feeney, 7th-Haylee McMinn, 8th-Alaynna Whitaker
Boys 9-10 25 Free: 3rd-Zane See, 4th-Dante Bushman
Girls 11-12 50 Free: 2nd-Rachel Barrett, 3rd-Kaitlyn McMinn, 4th-Claire Hite, 5th-Jena Frederick, 7th-Alyssa Clair, 9th-Briana VanDeVeire, 10th-Erica Yarbrough, 11th-Ashtyn Simerl
Boys 11-12 50 Free: 1st-Anthony Whitaker, 3rd-Eric Yarbrough, 4th-Roman Harris-MacDonald
Girls 13-14 50 Free: 1st-Lydia Hunt, 2nd-Sadie Davis, 3rd-Avery Whitaker, 4th-Ariel Quenneville
Boys 13-14 50 Free: 3rd-Evan Hite
Girls 15-18 50 Free: 2nd-Anna Hirner, 3rd-Genny Quenneville
Boys 15-18 50 Free: 1st-Joseph Hite
Girls 11-12 100 IM: 3rd-Rachel Barrett, 4th-Katie Feeney, 5th-Claire Hite, 6th-Kaitlyn McMinn
Boys 11-12 100 IM: 3rd-Anthony Whitaker
Girls 13-14 100 IM: 1st-Avery Whitaker, 2nd-Sadie Davis
Boys 13-14 100 IM: 1st-Ian See
Boys 15-18 100 IM: 1st-Joseph Hite, 2nd-Mark Barrett
Mixed 9-10 Medley relay, 2nd-Zane See, Hannah Feeney, Clara Davis, Bethany Barrett
Mixed 11-12 Medley relay, 2nd-Rachel Barrett, Anthony Whitaker, Katie Feeney, Eric Yarbrough
Mixed 13-14 Medley relay, 1st-Sadie Davis, Lydia Hunt, Ian See, Avery Whitaker.

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